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Precast Services

  • Patching of saw cut openings

  • Precast chamfer cutting 

  • Precast Restoration 

  • Precast caulking

  • Precast grouting

  • Precast infills and pour strips


Structural Repairs 

  • Straightening of Precast panels

  • Welding and bolt on repairs

  • Precast corner repairs

  • Epoxy injections to Precast & Concrete

  • Installation of control joints 


Architectural Aesthetics 

  • It takes the eye of an artist to Color Match, Repair and Patch Architectural Precast, Dated Masonry, and Older Precast. Our restoration experts have decades of experience and bring their own unique finishes to your precast & masonry project. 


Architectural Washing  

 Our specialist help restore the aesthetics to your buildings and project. That's why our clients call us for acid etch washing, sand blasting, and hot water washing. Our services take care of architectural panels, common grey panels, and masonry walls. 


 Masonry Restoration  

  • Washing of Masonry

  • Tuckpointing

  • Replacement of damaged masonry.

  • Restoration on chimneys and fireplace.

  • Architectural Patching of Brick

  • caulking and sealing

  • replacement of bonnets 


Inspirational Speaking & Demonstration Stations

  RHK Construction comes from a proud union family involved in the Trades for seven generations. Our passion to volunteer helps us advocate for the trade's to be involved in youth education. We directly work with schools to take part in expos and career day presentations. Have an event at your school and want our booth there? Give RHK Construction a call.    

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