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Three Centuries of Building Tradition 

18 years
in the Precast Industry

Seven Generations of Masons in the Midwest

Health and Safety Protective Equipment

Scissor & Boom lift Certification

 Safety Training Plus LLC.

Fit Mask Testing & Fitting

Midwest Occupational Health Management 

OSHA 10- 30 Certification 

BAC Administrative District

Council 1 of Illinois 

Safety Training Plus LLC. 

Apprenticeship & Journeymen Certification 

BAC Administrative District

Council 1 of Illinois   




Taking safety to higher levels

At RHK Construction we talk safety at work, home, and in the office. When practicing safety, it needs to be an everyday routine protecting our co-workers, our families, and office personal. Making safety a daily habit protects our longevity in health and those around us. 

 The RHK Difference

       RHK Construction keeps up to date on new techniques and training to the industry. Continuing to revolutionize with safety, technology, techniques, and efficiency. 

        RHK is driven by high safety measures with continued OSHA ten to thirty education, fit mask testing, lift certification, and ppe jobsite safety. We take pride in investing in some of the best PPE Hard Hat Protection with chin straps, high strength abs plastic and HD polystyrene shells. We are proud to have a constant drive and commitment that’s seven generations strong.

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